Early-Stage Business Development Program for Innovation and Commercialization Success

Atlantic has designed a customizable early-stage business development program to provide the greatest benefit to growing companies. The program is already used by innovation centers to inform commercialization strategies for American companies, including SBIR Phase I and Phase II awardees. It consists of secondary market research and modules to address specific business development needs. 

Secondary Market Research

+ any three of the following modules



Stakeholder Identification

Brand Research

Biz Model Development

Financial Forecasting


Market Research

Secondary market research is an essential component of the identification and assessment of opportunities for business expansion. It works well as a prerequisite to preparing for primary market research like B2B or B2C surveys and focus groups. Atlantic aggregates the most relevant quantitative and qualitative information from secondary sources to guide companies that are conducting R&D projects, preparing to commercialize a new product, or determining whether to bring an existing product to new markets. Atlantic tailors research to a company’s product or service, then provides a detailed report on industry trends and leaders, competitors, market structure, total and serviceable addressable market sizes, recent or impactful headline news, and prominent industry thought.

Customer Identification

The early identification of customer segments and prospective customers for an innovative product can inform product design, brand, packaging, messaging, and overall launch strategy. Atlantic identifies and provides a contact list of prospective customers for early-stage or ongoing business development.

Stakeholder Identification

The early identification of prospective collaborators, partners, industry experts, and supporters can have a positive impact on the short- and long-term prospects of a commercialization strategy. Atlantic finds and provides contact information for key stakeholders, prioritizing potential business/research partners.

Brand Research

Brand research supports a competitive advantage through objective, insight-based ideas to guide product development, positioning, messaging, and packaging. Atlantic provides detailed reviews of the top brands in a client’s competitive space as well as upstream and downstream.

Business Model Development

A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value. Atlantic works with clients to complete a business model canvas and provides a written description of the following sections: 1) value proposition; 2) key partners; 3) key activities; 4) key resources; 5) customer segments; 6) customer relationships; 7) channels; 8) revenue streams; and 9) cost structure.                                                                      

Financial Forecasting

Financial forecasts based on multiple, what-if volume, cost scenarios, and pricing strategies are essential to sound, early-stage commercialization planning and business model development. Atlantic provides a simple, Excel-based tool populated with a client’s initial forecasts that can be adjusted as inputs change.                                                       

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