Early-Stage Business Development Tools for Innovation and Commercialization Success

Atlantic has designed a program consisting of ten products that are of greatest benefit to growing companies.

B2B Surveys

Business-to-business, or “B2B” surveys, can be an important, and critical, first phase of customer acquisition. Atlantic will survey potential customers by phone and/or online survey tool to test assumptions and objectives related to the proposed product or service, summarize findings and conclusions, and make informed recommendations in a report to advance your goals.

Customer Insight Surveys

Identification of target market demographics and consumer willingness to pay provides the information companies need to find success in competitive markets. Atlantic will design and implement detailed consumer insights surveys to test assumptions and objectives related to the proposed product or service to inform business plans, sales and marketing, and go-to-market strategies. Surveys are conducted with reliable direct e-mail solicitation using contact lists or partners with a leading online survey panel aggregator and hosting service, Qualtrics®, to match population demographics for a municipality, county, state, region, or nation. Findings, conclusions, and recommendations are summarized in a final report.

Customer Acquistion 

Answering important market questions to inform business decisions, like identifying the ideal customer base, determining ideal price points, analyzing consumer attitudes and preferences, and examining marketing gaps, can propel marketing plans as well as pricing strategies.

Atlantic will develop a plan to obtain feedback from prospective customers regarding their needs and potential interest in the proposed technology/product, highlight the value proposition hypothesis (target audience, urgent need, ease of setup) and develop and implement effective survey instruments. We will identify key customers and process data and summarize it in actionable form in a final report. 

Market Research

Market research assists in the identification of areas for business expansion. Atlantic will gather secondary market research and tailor it to the company’s product or service, then provide a report on industry trends, leaders, competitors, market structure, total market and target market size, recent or impactful headline news, and prominent industry thought. 

Customer Identification

The early identification of prospective customers and customer segments for an innovative product can successfully inform product design, brand, messaging, and launch strategy. Atlantic will identify and provide a report with listings of up to 15 prospective customers for business development use to enhance your firm’s competitive advantage.

Stakeholder Identification

Early identification of prospective collaborators, partners, and industry experts, and supporters can have a positive impact on the short- and long-term prospects of a product launch. These contacts can be leveraged to enhance the likelihood of early adoption. Atlantic will research key stakeholders, prioritize potential partners, provide detailed context and contact information to deliver a report with up to 10 high-level key contacts. 

Brand Research

Brand research supports a competitive advantage through objective, insight-based ideas, and recommendations on products, services, and customer service strategies. Atlantic will develop and deliver a report that includes a review of the top brands in your industry focusing on public, customer-facing representation of the brand specifically in your product or service category.

Business Model Development

A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value and forms a part of business strategy. Atlantic will deliver a business model canvas and written description of the anticipated business model, including identification of the appropriate business dynamics for manageable and sustainable growth. Business model canvasses include the following sections: 1) value proposition; 2) key partners; 3) key activities; 4) key resources; 5) customer segments; 6) customer relationships; 7) channels; 8) revenue streams; and 9) cost structure.                                                                      

Financial Forecasting

Financial forecasts based on multiple, what-if volume, cost scenarios, and pricing strategies are essential to sound, early-stage commercialization planning and business model development. Forecasts are also critical to informing operational needs at various capacities and delivery rates. Atlantic will provide an Excel-based tool populated with your initial forecasts that can be adjusted as inputs change. This tool is extremely helpful in determining determine gross profit margin, breakeven, and other milestones when product innovations are in the pre-launch and launch stages.                                                                

IP Reviews

Intellectual property (IP) reviews assess related patented innovations providing a first look into the patentability of a technology. Atlantic provides an initial consideration and review of current, pending, and potential IP protections, including suggestions regarding alternative IP protections that may be suitable in addition to, or in lieu of, patenting.

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