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Sample Projects

Atlantic engages with clients on projects that span a variety of core disciplines and industries. 


Atlantic provided new venture strategy, business planning, and go-to-market strategy for a value-added producer in the utilization of an abundant commodity as an environmentally friendly fuel source. Raised close to $2 million of public funding working with local, regional, state, and federal agencies.


Food and Agriculture

Atlantic has conducted national market assessments to fuel R&D and commercialization for multiple industries through local, state, and federally funded grant programs. These projects resulted in interactive market assessment tools with advanced data dashboards. Access sample data dashboards here



Atlantic created custom business development tools to help the Larta Institute, a national leader in technology development and commercialization, service an extensive client base of America’s most innovative companies. Our tools have been used successfully by dozens of companies in Larta’s sustainability and energy practices. 



Atlantic completed custom primary and secondary market research on the telecommunications and adjacent industries. This included an in-depth industry overview and B2B survey of U.S. tower companies to help identify market opportunities, pricing, and positioning for novel cell tower innovations.

tower 2.png

Consumer Packaged Goods

The Canadian Consulate of Los Angeles turned to the powerful partnership between the Larta Institute and Atlantic Corporation when they needed detailed market research on consumer packaged goods. The research we completed helped the organization advise and position countless innovative Canadian firms to secure business  in the US market.


Electrifying an Industry

Atlantic manages a rigorous R&D program for a company leveraging non-dilutive federal funding to accelerate innovation. Commercialization of electric tenders, workboats, and portable and interchangeable battery power solutions for off-shore and near-shore work environments promises to reduce costs while lessening reliance on fossil fuels.

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