Recent Projects

Consumer Attitudes and Preferences: Seafood

Measuring consumer attitudes and preferences about farm-raised finfish, shellfish, and seaweed in the Atlantic coast states – a large-scale market research project funded by a 2018 grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration / U.S. Department of Commerce to Atlantic. Download the Report and access the Spatial Visualization Tool here.

Fishing Net

Development of a Small-Scale Dairy Processing Line

Development of a Small-Scale HTST Milk Processing Line for Small and Mid-Size Dairy Farms – an R&D project aimed at making small-scale milk processing cost effective for small dairy farms while increasing revenues and profitability. This project was funded by a 2018 National Institute of Food and Agriculture / USDA SBIR grant to Atlantic.

Value-Added Producer

Agriculture Value-Added Producer – provided new venture strategy, business planning, and go-to-market strategy for farm-sourced manufacturer. Helped raise close to $2 million of public funding working with multiple local, regional, state, and federal organizations and departments.


Local Food Support

Regional Local Food Micro-Chain – provided leadership for commercial transformation and ongoing business development management, including market assessment research leading to a local food development plan and the implementation of highly successful sales and marketing plans for improved financials.


National Dairy Market Assessment Tools

Development of market assessment tools for improved sustainability and profitability of small and medium-sized U.S. dairy farms - a national scale R&D project  funded by a USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture grant. Atlantic's Dairy Market Assessment and Planning System (DairyMAPS), a visual display of results of our national survey is available here.

Cattle at Sunrise


Maple Syrup Market Research

Development of a spatial visualization tool to identify market opportunities for maple syrup and value-added products – in partnership with a leading academic research center and the USDA, Atlantic is working on the development and implementation of a nationwide consumer attitudes and preferences survey and leading product development.



Data Analysis and Visualization

Data Analysis and Visualization for State Government – we extract, clean, analyze, and visualize data from the client management system and other applicable databases. Reports and interactive data dashboards include descriptive and predictive analyses designed for department staff and to facilitate evidence-based decision making.

Analysing the Numbers


Seafood Innovator and Value-Added Producer – brought leadership to business repositioning and market development strategy, technical and market feasibility assessments, and business planning while identifying and winning nearly $1 million of market development funding.


State Department of Agriculture

Industrial Development – The Atlantic team provided market research leadership and implementation to a large, multi-faceted project. Deliverables included stakeholder buy-in, cross-organizational collaborations, data-driven business model and marketing plan redesigns and implementation that launched a statewide industrial transformation.


Maine Consumer Survey - Local Food and COVID-19

Maine consumer perceptions and attitudes about local food and the COVID-19 pandemic - market research report assessing attitudes and preferences for local food before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic in our home state. This study can be used to help stakeholders across the supply chain reposition to meet consumer demand. 

Reports are available here.

Putting Groceries in the Trunk
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