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Atlantic Corporation, providers of business and economic research and management, is a national leader in the technology innovation space. Our team and extensive network of experts have helped dozens of companies transform their ideas into innovative products. We provide R&D expertise to a small and highly capable roster of clients and help them secure non-dilutive funding to accelerate their progress.


We work with research professors on commercial spin-out ventures and lean startups with brilliant technical innovations that could revolutionize an industry. We also work with established companies who require funding and expertise to pursue technical innovations that complement their business strategy. If you are committed to creating long-term commercial success through a rigorous R&D program, we are interested in engaging with you.


Randy Labbe

Randy built a successful career crafting strategic growth initiatives for leading international brands. He has extensive experience as a business development professional and has spearheaded major research and development projects for federal and state government departments, research institutions, innovation centers, business incubators, and businesses. Randy brings strategy, vision, and passion to the creation of sustainable value for companies and industries through technical innovation and commercialization.

Ray Bernier

Vice President, Operations

Ray is a journeyman professional who has served as PD and Co-PD for multiple SBIR Phase I and II awards and other federal and state grant programs. He manages both in-house and client grants and contracts at the local, state, and federal levels. Ray creates and monitors budgets and project timelines, designs and executes logic models and data management solutions, and ensures all work is completed to the highest standards, on time, and within budget.

Tricia Labbe Segear

Tricia oversees business and economic research for Atlantic clients. She supervises Atlantic’s talented group of researchers and writers in the preparation and submission of federal grant applications and reports across multiple industries. Tricia's work has been instrumental in positioning some of America's most innovative companies for successful product launches. She has eight years of professional experience leading research conferences in the U.S. and U.K. 

Extended Network

Expert Consultants

Atlantic has valuable partnerships and collaborations with experts across the U.S. Our extended team is always expanding and includes relationships with researchers at California Polytechnic State University, University of California, Cornell University, University of Georgia Athens, University of Maine, The National Food Lab, Purdue University, Washington State University, Dynata, Eurofins, Product Safety Consultants, Eleven, Underwriters Laboratories,  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and many others. 


I have had the opportunity to work with Atlantic Corporation for several years and across several projects as they have supported my clients with exemplary market research reports. These reports have been invaluable both for my clients and for me as a consultant as I support companies in developing comprehensive business and commercialization plans and strategies. Good information makes for good inspiration and Atlantic Corporation really delivers! - BreAnn Brown, Orange Canyon Consulting, Provo, UT

We have worked closely with the highly capable team at Atlantic Corporation on dozens of projects to help define market opportunities for specific businesses and products as well as for entire industry segments. 

- Rohit Shukla, Larta Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Atlantic has done exemplary work as we introduced the IsoTruss Tower, a forward-looking solution for the telecom industry that is lightweight, durable, cost-effective, corrosion-resistant, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Atlantic provided the fuel for successful commercialization and business planning in the form of secondary market research and an intensive B2B survey of US cell tower operators. These resources gave us valuable insight and enabled us to pivot our marketing strategy to more effectively address what matters to customers. The Atlantic team has a deep understanding of the innovation and commercialization process and they have earned our highest recommendation. - Marianne Clayton, IsoTruss, Springville, UT


Charles River Analytics had the opportunity to work with Atlantic in support of an R&D project in our Space focus. They conducted secondary market research, customer identification, brand research, and business model development for us. The Atlantic team is talented, focused, and easy to work with. We hope to work with them again. - Daniel Stouch, PMP, ACP, Charles River Analytics, Inc., Cambridge, MA

As a lead consulting principal advisor, I have worked with the Atlantic team on many important technical projects assisting companies in developing their Commercialization Plan.  We have worked on diverse projects from creation of new gear for fishing industries to a novel wastewater treatment technology to conserve natural resources. In these studies, Atlantic’s reports have been thoughtful, concise, thorough, and well targeted for the companies.   They are talented professionals and committed to advancing science and technology for the public good. As a result, they have earned my recommendation. 

- Robert J. Calcaterra, StartUp Partners International, St. Louis, MO

Commit to Accelerate.

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