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Today’s agricultural markets are increasingly competitive, especially for smaller players striving to succeed in industries that have been taken over by mass consolidations or threatened by heightened global competition. Atlantic understands these challenges and brings substantial experience in the agriculture sector to help stakeholders navigate and capitalize on new opportunities to identify and enter new markets, contribute to U.S. food safety and security, and secure sustainable rural economies. We have crafted a suite of consulting services and business planning tools to provide industry and economic research, project development, implementation, and evaluation services necessary for our client stakeholders to improve performance and attain program success.


Our project management approach to all aspects of agricultural business delivers intelligence and program implementation that ensures short and long-term success. That's who we are and what we do. Our team and extensive network of experts bring the right people with the best ideas to your project.


Read about “Maine consumer perceptions and attitudes about local food and the COVID-19 pandemic.” This  is a public service project courtesy of Atlantic Corporation.


Consumer Attitudes and Preferences: Seafood

Measuring consumer attitudes and preferences about farm-raised finfish, shellfish, and seaweed in the Atlantic coast states – a large-scale market research project funded by a 2018 grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration / U.S. Department of Commerce to Atlantic. Download the Report and access the Spatial Visualization Tool here.

Fishing Net


Maple Syrup Market Research

Development of a spatial visualization tool to identify market opportunities for maple syrup and value-added products – in partnership with a leading academic research center and the USDA, Atlantic is working on the development and implementation of a nation-wide consumer attitudes and preferences survey and leading product development.

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