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Atlantic Corporation

Research and Development Management
The 4 Step Process

At Atlantic, we help our clients accelerate innovation and commercialization with expert R&D management. Businesses and organizations engage with us on strategic tasks across a proven R&D process. We provide the structure and expertise our clients need to create successful ventures.

The Atlantic R&D Ecosystem

Good ideas need guidance. We manage each stage of the R&D process, from ideation to product launch. The Atlantic R&D Ecosystem provides the expertise and guidance that are essential to transforming technical innovations into successful commercial ventures.


Atlantic is a team of interdisciplinary experts who understand the complexities of R&D. We leverage the knowledge and skills of our core team and an extensive network of experts to ensure that our clients have the right people on their projects. 

Sample Projects


Atlantic created custom business development tools to help the Larta Institute, a national leader in technology development and commercialization, service an extensive client base of America’s most innovative companies. Our tools have been successfully employed by dozens of companies in Larta’s sustainability and energy practices.


Electrifying an Industry

Atlantic manages a rigorous R&D program for a company leveraging non-dilutive federal funding to accelerate energy innovation. Commercialization of electric tenders, workboats, and portable and interchangeable battery power solutions for off-shore and near-shore work environments promises to reduce operational costs while lessening reliance on fossil fuels.

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