Who We Are


Atlantic is a leading business and economic research and development firm. Our team and national network of experts provide exceptional research and development services across all industries. We work collaboratively with clients to deliver critical data for informed decision-making.

Based in Waterville, Maine, Atlantic serves the United States, providing customized research, in-depth analysis, marketing and business development tools, and project implementations. Our work propels successful commercial transformations, product and business launches, and the development of significant new revenue streams from the creative use of business intelligence.

Randy Labbe


Randy built a successful career crafting strategic growth initiatives for leading international brands. Over the last 10 years, he has focused on research and development projects for federal and state government departments, research institutions, and businesses. He brings passion and vision to research and innovative market development projects. Randy co-chairs multiple industry development committees where he brings high-quality leadership to the most challenging and competitive industries. Most of his volunteer work is centered on personal interests in sustainability and energy. The Clark University graduate holds a certificate in business strategy from Cornell University.

Ray Bernier

Senior Project Manager

Ray earned BS and MBA degrees from Thomas College and serves as project leader on multiple in-house and client research and development projects. He has extensive experience managing government grants and contracts at the local, state, and federal levels. Informed by passions for small business and economic development, Ray has managed small and large-scale R&D projects with high societal benefit, designs and executes logic models and data management solutions. 

Melanie Silverman

Data and Research Manager

Melanie completed her BS at the University of Connecticut and her MPH at Boston University, where she undertook coursework in research methods, program evaluation, and statistical analysis. She has managed complex research studies and quality improvement programs and has experience in data analysis, database management, proposal and report writing, project management, and grant administration. Melanie provides leadership for multiple in-house and client research projects.

Matt George

Data Analytics Manager

Matt received a BS in Finance and MBA from Thomas College as a Kiest-Morgan Scholar (accelerated program). He programs all Atlantic business and economic surveys, extracts, cleans and transforms research data for report preparation, and designs and develops interactive business intelligence solutions, including data visualization dashboards. He also creates financial projections of what-if ownership and business model scenarios for Atlantic clients.

Shae Horrigan

Business Research Associate

A two-time Innovate for Maine Fellow, Shae has a passion for economics and sustainability. She uses multidisciplinary approaches to solve problems and has completed business development reports for innovative businesses and products. Shae specializes in B2C and B2B survey development and provides Atlantic clients with detailed business model canvasses as well as customer and stakeholder acquisition reports. Shae holds a BS from the University of Maine and is an MBA candidate.

Emma Houston

Business Research Associate

Emma earned a BS in ecology and environmental science from the University of Maine, graduating summa cum laude with a minor in economics. Emma is passionate about working at the intersection of economic development and sustainability. She has served as a research assistant investigating Maine salt marsh ecosystem services and an Alaskan wilderness guide. At Atlantic, she specializes in market research and grant and report writing.

Alison Thieme

GIS Manager

Alison’s Atlantic experience over five years includes using a wide range of spatial analysis programs to map market data and distribution and aggregation routes. In her previous position at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Alison provided technical expertise on appropriate geospatial methods for Earth observations to over 400 individuals across 12 offices. She is a Clark University graduate and PhD candidate at the University of Maryland. 

Mariya Zharova

Programming and Visual Design Consultant

Mariya is a graphic designer and front-end web developer who works out of the Expressive & Creative Interaction Technologies Center (ExCITe) in Philadelphia. Mariya has experience developing websites and interactive GIS applications for non-profit organizations and commercial enterprises. Her coding portfolio includes data visualization, GIS, and web projects in JavaScript using open-source libraries.

Dylan Bouchard

Economics Consultant

Dylan’s research interests, and his roles at Atlantic, include production, spatial and vertical price transmission, and applied econometrics. He has experience researching tier payment programs, price-fixing, and price behavior. Dylan received an MA in Economics from the University of Maine and a PhD in Economics from North Carolina State University. His past work spans multiple industries and Atlantic projects over the last three years.

Caryn Schneider

Sales and Marketing Consultant

Caryn has over 20 years of industry experience with proven expertise in sales, logistics, customer management, product development, market research, customer acquisition and a firm commitment to innovation.  She is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses position for success in the retail, wholesale, and e-commerce markets.  Caryn has a BS from Northwestern University and graduate certificates from Harvard University (business) and Michigan State (supply chain management).

Dawn Palardy

Web Development

Dawn attended the University of Southern Maine, and has been designing leading websites and related content since 2000. Her credits include highly interactive, technical, and e-commerce websites, marketing, and data visualization projects. She helps Atlantic clients tell their compelling stories online. 

Chris Paradis

Alfond Institute Intern

Chris earned his MBA at Thomas College in 2020, following his BA in Psychology from the University of Maine Honors College in 2015. Chris is currently an Alfond Institute Intern at Atlantic, focusing on new market development, analysis, outreach, and customer database creation. Driven by a passion for creating efficiency and finding alternative solutions to problems, Chris excels at serving Atlantic client’s business development needs.

Extended Team

Industry Expert Consultants

Atlantic has valuable research and development partnerships and collaborations with industry experts across the US as well as established connections with the University of Maine School of Food and Agriculture, University of Maine Advanced Manufacturing Center, University of New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Nutrition, and Food Systems, University of California Cooperative Extension Glenn County, University of Georgia, Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center, Maine Technology Institute, University of Southern Maine Muskie School of Public Service, Maine Statistical Analysis Center, and Maine Center for Business and Economic Research.

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